AI meets your customer where they want to be

Some people like talking to human, some prefer self-service. Heyou will build out your AI chatbots, but be there for you with Human Receptionist at the touch of a button. 

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Never miss a call with 24/7 live receptionists.   

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Incoming calls are unpredictable

There are times when you might not be at hand to respond to incoming calls. The nature of needing legal assistance often arises from pressing circumstances, highlighting the importance of every single call. It's particularly vexing to lose potential clients due to unanswered calls. More often than not, callers won't leave a voicemail, choosing instead to reach out to an alternative law practitioner or firm. Eliminate the risk of not connecting with a prospective client or missing a call from an existing one. Our attorney answering services are proficient in handling tasks like catching and vetting callers, collecting data on potential clients, setting up appointments, and promptly updating details in your client management system and calendar.

Where Human Agents and AI Converge

Our Expert Human Agents Handle the Customer Calls, Chats, and Texts for your business, Don't Have Chat on Your Website or Accept Texts on Your Business Line? Now You Do - The Easy to Install Features are Included in All Plans